This essential oil can take on superbugs (and it’s probably already in your pantry)

Over time, superbugs have gotten stronger . The antibiotics that used to work against the hard-to-treat bacteria are often no longer effective, and scientists are working around the clock to find better ways to kill them off for good.

Source: This essential oil can take on superbugs (and it’s probably already in your pantry)

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Melati has officially launched our first Dead Sea Salt Scrub in one of our most popular scents, Lavender Fields. The scent is reminiscent of summer in the French countryside, bursting with the scent of lavender fields. The scent is calming and brings another level of relaxation to your winter routine. Other than the incredible scent, our product is vegan-friendly as well as travel friendly. Continue reading “Dead Sea Salt Scrub”

Essential Oils for Cooking

The first thing in collecting the best essential oils for cooking is, firstly, ensuring the oil you go for doesn’t have synthetic chemicals, toxicity, propylene glycol and SD40, among others. Also avoid essential oils that are laboratory fabricated or extracted using solvents or carbon dioxide. The best oils are mostly organic, particularly citrus oils, while avoiding nature identical essential oils; they are synthetic.
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Essential Oils for Traveling

If you are traveling for a holiday, hiking, relaxing, sun bathing or engaging in various outdoor adventures there are essential oils for that. For instance the therapeutic Thieves essential oil grade, a quality oil blend you can apply a little on the upper lip to protect yourself while enjoying such a wonderful scent. Thieves oil is a hand sanitizer as well, perhaps after using a toilet in your holiday destination or plane. Continue reading “Essential Oils for Traveling”