Product Review by Samata Magazine


3 of Melati Bath & Body products were reviewed by Samata Magazine and they LOVE our products. Check out the online review here. They are also going to feature Melati’s products for the upcoming Samata Magazine print Issue.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Melati has officially launched our first Dead Sea Salt Scrub in one of our most popular scents, Lavender Fields. The scent is reminiscent of summer in the French countryside, bursting with the scent of lavender fields. The scent is calming and brings another level of relaxation to your winter routine. Other than the incredible scent, our product is vegan-friendly as well as travel friendly. Continue reading “Dead Sea Salt Scrub”

The Story Behind Melati Bath & Body

A few days ago, I showed my blog to my relatives, asked for feedback and topics they want to read. One of the topics that my relatives suggested was how I came up with Melati Bath and Body.

My friend and I came up within 30 minutes of brainstorming session.  One day in afternoon, I called my close friend Z.

Me:     Hi… remember the new business that I told you about? I need to come up with a brand name.
Z:        Okay, what do you have in mind?
Me:     How about Brickellberry?
Z:        Why Brikellberry?
Me:     Well… because you live in Brickell and berry because it’s cute
Z:         Seriously? Find other names. How about something in Indonesian language?
Me:     Krakatau? (It’s Indonesian for Krakatoa)
Z:        You can’t be serious. Why you want to have your brand name to be associated with volcano eruption that killed hundreds of people. Try some Indonesian cities. What is your favorite city?
Me:     Yogyakarta
Me:     Okay… I’ll call you back

I was thinking… and thinking…. and thinking for about 10 minutes later and I call her back
Me:     I think I find it
Z:        What is it?
Me:     Melati. It means jasmine in Indonesia.
Z:        why jasmine?

Why jasmine? Well… Here’s the story.

My parents, sister and I used to live with my grandparents. They had jasmine tree, among other plants. in their small garden. A lot of people don’t know this. Jasmine blooms into full flower at night. My sister and I used to play around in the garden after dinner and watched it bloom into a simple, yet so fragrance, white flowers. We used to collect jasmine flowers and put them on my grandma’s pillow. That’s why I choose Melati as my brand name because it always brings back to my childhood memories where as a child I had simple and carefree live.